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Kochitti Amma (1903-2004) was born into a middle class family in the village of Adinad in Karunagappally.

She is the Grandmother of Mr.G.Venunath the founder and director of the Mother’s Kitchen chain of Restaurants.

On how she became the face of Mother’s Kitchen, Mr. Venunath said :

There are many things in life that leaves a permanent mark on you. This single memory or emotion that can summarise a person’s life varies from person to person. It can be anything from the bittersweet pang of a lost love to an unexplainable craving for money or a complete dedication to your profession. I like to believe that my life is dominated by a passion for most things ‘naadan’ which stems from a desire to protect those things that I believe are truly ours. The farther I have traveled the more I have come to realize that what defines us is what we so often take for granted. The hope that comes with the monsoon rains to the food cooked in our mother’s kitchen, these memories, these ‘tastes’ are our final recluse. To me my grandmother is the one person that sums it all up. She is the final link to everything that makes me whole, and the memories that I will always cherish.”

The Mother’s Kitchen chain of restaurants was established in 1999 by Mr.G.Venunath. The first Restaurant was opened by the NH 47 in Puthentheruvu, Karunagappally. Since then Mother’s Kitchen has become a popular name among Malayalees throughout the world. It continues to grow to greater heights taking along with it the message to return to our heritage.