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Ashtamudi Homes is a new concept developed by a couple, Lekshmi and Venunath who lived abroad for over 15 years.

They were hosts for thousands of guests from all over the world for nearly 10 years at their previous venture, the world famous Ayurveda Health Holiday Resorts in Kerala, ‘Ashtamudi RESORTS’. They are pioneers in back water tourism development and also in extending Ayurveda cure programmes and Yoga Therapy.

During this period they have created a lot of Ambassadors all across the world, who are the real support for this couple. The location advantage of this property, 100 meters close to the famous Ashtamudi Lake in a remote serene village help to give the visitors a quiet and rejuvenating holiday.

Now, the ‘new concept’ of Home Stay at their own traditional family house along with the three state of the art guest rooms within the compound is developed to offer Love and Care for the ones who really seek Serious Ayurveda treatment and Yoga practices. This concept will take care of one’s good health by way of living with nature in an Organic environment with the natural fauna like varieties of birds and butterflies, mongooses, squirrels etc.

The food is prepared at their own kitchen as prescribed by the Ayurveda physician after consultation, for the Ayurveda guests and for Leisure Holiday makers the choices are endless with backwater fishes, shells, sea food and different varieties of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian homely dishes.

The Ayurveda Physician & Yoga Therapist has been with this couple for over 10 years and they also provide a family astrologer. Ashtamudi Homes Ayurveda is practiced in a serious way and specialized in Stress Management, Cervical Spondylosis, various dermatological complaints, Allergy, Migraine, Obesity, Lumbago, and Arthritis etc. In addition rejuvenation and preventive health programmes, for the leisure holiday makers they provide an aristocratic life like in the bygone days of the Maharaja in a semblance which is unbelievably real.

Considering the facilities provided at Ashtamudi Homes, the government of Kerala has accredited this property as Diamond House, the top most level in Home Stay Classification.